A Film on Fallingwater

This is a short film on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (Kaufmann) House. It is a little out of sync but I thought many people would enjoy this video, a film written and produced by Mary Rawson.   Just a little note: This house is best called Fallingwater since another famous and beautiful house referred to […]

Milo Baughman Credenza.

Mid-Century Milo

Milo Baughman was an American designer born in the middle of the United States, in Goodland, Kansas, moved to California and at thirteen designed his parents house. After returning from the Army during World War II, he attended the Art Center School of Los Angeles and at Chouinard Art Institute, later known as the California […]

5 Easy DIY Modern Room Dividers

Room dividers were a common interior element in mid-century design. Screens and dividers of all sorts of invention became a part of separating spaces whether indoors or outdoors. Depending on the style and construction, room dividers provided a way to delineate different areas without enclosing spaces with walls while preserving an open concept.     […]

Jens Risom.

Jens Risom

Jens Risom passed away last year at the age of 100. During his lifetime he was a major influence in spreading Scandinavian modern design in America. Although if one has only a cursory knowledge of modern design, and even if one has no idea about the designer of a certain chair, one immediately recognizes it […]

Charlotte Perriand

The emergence of women designers and architects certainly came full force in the 20th century. We all know of Ray Eames, but right up there among the elite is Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999). (For a brief read on 9 prominent women designers, click the image link below.)   Even with just a casual knowledge of mid-century […]

Krisel, Modernity For Everyone

Architecture William Krisel Modernity For Everyone ___ By Howard Bosler The most interesting thing about William Krisel, besides his love for the butterfly roof, is his down to earth approach toward modern architecture. Since he has just recently passed away, I thought a look at Mr. Krisel is in order. About Mr. Krisel William Krisel […]

Looking Back Toward the Left.

Victorian To Modern

Please, indulge my pleasure for interior design. Here, I have taken a very Victorian room and turned it into a mid-century modern space. With interior design, the principles generally stay the same regardless of the period in history. In fact, the dictums of the use of symmetry, asymmetry, color, spatial arrangements, and any other principle […]

International Style Design Elements

Through all the “ism” in art and architecture, modernist design in architecture refers to the mid-century of the 20th century. So many buildings and residences set the stage for contemporary modern designs of today. Many of the iconic places so familiar to us have exerted incredible influences on current design to such a degree, that […]

Windows Open Simultaneously (First Part, Third Motif), oil on canvas,

Judgmentalism and Modern Art

After reading an article on www.spiked-online.com, the question of using the term judgmentalism when exploring art criticism piqued my interest. The article on this website, “Modern Art is Not Rubbish,” engaged in the typical tortured intellectual gymnastics that has been around since the Cubists, which I will examine a little later. Nevertheless, I have heard […]

Wormley Brass Leg Sofa for Dunbar, 1950.

Edward Wormley: Mid Century Mainstream

  Edward Wormley (1907-95) was born and grew up near Chicago, Illinois. He spent his high-school years enrolled in interior design courses through correspondence courses, having a keen interest in design. After attending the Art Institute of Chicago and running out of money to continue, in 1928 he obtained employment at Marshall Fields where he […]

Featherston Book Cover

Writing About Featherston

Mid Century Modern Groovy received an email from someone writing about the mid-century Australian designer Featherston which is featured in an article on this website, in the series, “Lessor Known Designers”.  As a side note, lessor known here simply means that a designer is not commonly know by the general public, not necessarily by those […]

Side Table.

A Mid-Century Modern DIY Project

I love designing furniture and have created many pieces in my house. I have a bar table that is a little worse for wear and devoid of storage possibilities.     Instead, I have taken the challenge to create, using simple materials and techniques, a sophisticated sideboard in mid-century modern style. In doing so, sharing […]

The Binotto House.

The Binotto or Circular House

Since an article just appeared in MCM Groovy covering the Aluminaire House, which is a modernist prefab house meant to be assembled from manufactured parts, the Circular House of Serge Binotto comes readily to mind. Serge Binotto was an assistant to the French designer, Jean Prouve, who, if one is familiar with mid century modern […]

Visiting the Aluminaire House

Early on in my post secondary education I studied architecture. The notion that one can, in artistic fulfillment, create a work that not only others see, but also encapsulates them usefully for work, endeavors or domestic desires, brings a different sort of satisfaction over the embellishments that painting or other two-dimensional productions provide. In my […]

The Anderson House by Al Beadle.

Al Beadle: Modern Master

I have included information about the architect, Al Beadle, in other articles. He has the distinction of not only an Internationalist style, but also the designer of the only Case Study structure outside the State of California, this being the Case Study Apartments #1, also known as Triad. Beadle is very familiar to me, in […]