Windows Open Simultaneously (First Part, Third Motif), oil on canvas,

Judgmentalism and Modern Art

After reading an article on, the question of using the term judgmentalism when exploring art criticism piqued my interest. The article on this website, “Modern Art is Not Rubbish,” engaged in the typical tortured intellectual gymnastics that has been around since the Cubists, which I will examine a little later. Nevertheless, I have heard […]

Minimalist Interior

Minimalism Revisited

This article is largely a response regarding another article that I produced, mostly as an amusement. The original article was an example of minimalism in itself. Perhaps an apology to the readers might be appropriate, but I have refrained from doing so simply because of my self-indulgent attitude toward humor whether anyone else sees any […]

Andrew Wyeth

Notes on the Death of Andrew Wyeth

*This is a repost from Howard Bosler Artist website. I have included it because it does involve 20th century art and modern art criticism: First of all, this is not an article on the history of the Wyeths, in particular, Andrew Wyeth, but a musing about the nature of art and art criticism. I have […]

Dinky Bird by Maxfield Parrish, 1904

Maxfield Parrish: The Beautiful View

[1]Normally one does not think of Maxfield Parrish as a mid-century artist. He was born in 1870 and died in 1966. However, during the decades of the 60s and 70s his resurgence was remarkable. His pictures, with their breathtaking views and their mythical characters, had a strong influence on those looking for the idyllic. Because […]

Mac Conner Soda Pop Advertisement

Mac Conner Illustrator

Art of the 20th Century Mac Conner   Illustrator extraordinaire I have always admired the American illustrators of the early to mid 20th century. N. C. Wyeth, father to Andrew Wyeth and grandfather to Jamie Wyeth, made so many fanciful illustrations from pirates to English knights. Gloriously colored and carefully designed, his pictures were meant […]

The above featured image for this article, Amedeo Modigliani, Nu couché (Reclining Nude) (1917–18), received £113 million.

Are the Telegraph and Christies Seeing the Same Thing!

News in the Art World Are the Telegraph and Christies Seeing the Same Thing! ALL About Art Sales in February Don’t read the art news. The art world news has become like reading “Tiger Beat”. It is all about the celebrity of the month and who is cool and who isn’t. Let’s talk and talk […]

Still Life with Head-Shaped Vase and Japanese Woodcut by Paul Gauguin 1888

Iran’s Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Has Been Hiding One of the World’s Great Art Collections

via Iran’s Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Has Been Hiding One of the World’s Great Art Collections. This is an extensive article on Bloomberg on the art collection acquired by Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran before the current barbarous regime took over. Very well done, this article will answer many questions one might have in […]


Mall Public Art (Part1)

Mall Artwork Public Art Mall Art: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Introduction Public Art at the Mall The display of public art in the context of commercial enterprises such as malls and open markets has a long history in western civilization. One remembers Trajan’s Forum by Apollodorus in 106 AD with its’ extensive […]

Local pop artist has modern influences

via Local pop artist has modern influences. An article about a Louisiana artist and his modernist, pop art influences. I’ve always found information about artists outside the elitist art mob areas of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles very interesting, especially when it comes to smaller towns and cities. To visit Anthony Reans and see […]

Modern art is baloney – The Boston Globe

via Modern art is baloney – The Boston Globe. This article is amusing in so many ways. Besides food actually being a material and is processed–unless one goes out and bites a cow–except for raw fruits and vegetables, the spiel needs a little more sophistication.

Richard Hamilton’s last painting to be centrepiece of posthumous exhibition | Art and design | The Guardian

via Richard Hamilton’s last painting to be centrepiece of posthumous exhibition | Art and design | The Guardian. An interesting article on the British artist Richard Hamilton and an exhibition that took place since he died in 2012. Richard Hamilton is sometimes called the “Father of Pop Art” or “Daddy Pop” and is best known […]


American Stylists

Here are three entertaining videos produced by General Motors about American design during the mid-century. You will find them very entertaining and instructive. An examination of American design of domestic objects is a wonderful idea for a future project. I hope you enjoy these:

Art collection Moscow possibly worth $2 billion Putin – Business Insider

via Art collection Moscow possibly worth $2 billion Putin – Business Insider. A very strange situation. It is quite plausible that a Russian stole art from defeated Germany. Russia has the horrible record of keeping art confiscated from murdered jews and museums and private collections of German conquered territories. They have the twisted notion that […]


The Velazquez Prize

Velazquez gathers the superlatives of art historians, museum directors and connoisseurs. His history is available widely and shall not be examined here. What I am after is his technique and style of painting. For many years I have painted in the manner of a particular artist in order to understand what his or her art […]