Wormley Brass Leg Sofa for Dunbar, 1950.

Edward Wormley: Mid Century Mainstream

  Edward Wormley (1907-95) was born and grew up near Chicago, Illinois. He spent his high-school years enrolled in interior design courses through correspondence courses, having a keen interest in design. After attending the Art Institute of Chicago and running out of money to continue, in 1928 he obtained employment at Marshall Fields where he […]

Featherston Book Cover

Writing About Featherston

Mid Century Modern Groovy received an email from someone writing about the mid-century Australian designer Featherston which is featured in an article on this website, in the series, “Lessor Known Designers”.  As a side note, lessor known here simply means that a designer is not commonly know by the general public, not necessarily by those […]

Side Table.

A Mid-Century Modern DIY Project

I love designing furniture and have created many pieces in my house. I have a bar table that is a little worse for wear and devoid of storage possibilities.     Instead, I have taken the challenge to create, using simple materials and techniques, a sophisticated sideboard in mid-century modern style. In doing so, sharing […]

The Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio

Aarnio, Finnish Designer

A friend of mine just returned from Finland and brought back one of those tourist magazines placed in hotel rooms to inform one of the local goings on. Knowing I have a keen interest in modernism and particularly furniture design from the mid-century, he brought back an issue from a hotel in Helsinki on Eerno […]

De Stijl Colored Table

My New DIY Book on Furniture

I have just published on Amazon a new book. It is about constructing outdoor furniture with distinctive designs, without making complicated cuts, not using complex equipment and no purchasing of expensive materials. All the furniture is made with only 90-degree cuts, utilizing only 1x4s and 2x4s. The book includes 200 illustrations of furniture construction and […]

Jean Prouvé Petrol Station

Jean Prouve

Born in Paris to a creative family and imbued with the spirit of design, Jean Prouvé could only have become the prolific designer and architect. His father, Victor Prouvé,  was an artist and his mother, Marie Duhamel, a pianist. His father and mother were abundantly involved in an artistic circle which heavily influenced Jean. Jean […]

Paul McCobb

Paul McCobb

[1]Paul McCobb (June 5, 1917 – March 10, 1969), like a few other famous American designers, did not start out creating furniture. He desired the life of an artist and studied drawing and painting at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. Although in actuality art and design intimately embrace, art schools rarely […]


5 Tips to Add Mid Century Modern Style

So you live in an Arts and Crafts style home or a traditional Victorian? Not everyone who prefers modern over anything else can choose the house that one lives in. Some houses are easier than others to remodel into a MCM style. The ranch house that dominates the Southwestern area of the country comes to […]

Juliana Arm Chair by Hans Wegner.

Chairs: A Designers Joy!

Chairs From a Personal View The love affair of modernist designers with the chair provides an abundance of choices to admire. Howard Bosler A WARNING The following article makes no attempt at an objective look at the chair design by modernists. This is simply a list of some chairs that I admire. I will attempt […]

William Haines Designs.

William Haines: Hooray for Hollywood?

William (Billy) Haines started out as an actor in the early days of Hollywood and starred in quite a few films, both silent and sound. His career in film lasted from 1922 through 1936 and he quit acting in 1935. Known for a relationship he had with another man, Jimmy Shields, the stories vary as […]

Bar Table by Howard Bosler

Bar Table and Cube Chair

I’m getting closer to finishing converting my furniture designs that I have made and use in my house from drawings to digital, 3D models. Even though I have beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers, desks and side tables, many of these fit the definition of minimalist, and therefore, hardly need the transition. For instance, a […]

"De Stijl" furniture design.

Modern Furniture Design: My House

The following furniture designs were created and built for my house: Digital Design Documentation Having drawn out many modern furniture designs by using the old tools of the architect, the t-square, triangles and ruler, some of the designs I have come up with need placing among the cloud. I no longer use the old tools […]

Eames Lounge Chair

Ephemeral Design

I am usually spending my evenings doing something productive, but occasionally I do enjoy a good documentary or a video on art or design. Last night I watched “Ellen’s Design Challenge” on HGTV. Although I have a degree in fine art, design is a large part of any artistic endeavor and is quite fulfilling in […]

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen and Let There Be Light

Poul Henningsen, known to the Danes as just PH, was born in Ordrup, Denmark in 1894 and lived until 1967. He was the son of an author, Anne Henningsen and a satirist, Carl Ewald and was around literary and artistic intellectuals growing up. He trained as an architect, though he never graduated, but thought himself […]

Superstudio, Passiflora, lamp, 1968. Collection Vitra Design Museum

MCA – Exhibitions: Pop Art Design

via MCA – Exhibitions: Pop Art Design. An exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (Dec. 19 – March 27) purports to display the influences on modern design by Pop Art. With objects from the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, “…Charles Eames, George Nelson, Ettore Sottsass, Achille Castiglioni, and Robert Venturi were just […]