The Binotto House.

The Binotto or Circular House

Since an article just appeared in MCM Groovy covering the Aluminaire House, which is a modernist prefab house meant to be assembled from manufactured parts, the Circular House of Serge Binotto comes readily to mind. Serge Binotto was an assistant to the French designer, Jean Prouve, who, if one is familiar with mid century modern […]

Visiting the Aluminaire House

Early on in my post secondary education I studied architecture. The notion that one can, in artistic fulfillment, create a work that not only others see, but also encapsulates them usefully for work, endeavors or domestic desires, brings a different sort of satisfaction over the embellishments that painting or other two-dimensional productions provide. In my […]

The Anderson House by Al Beadle.

Al Beadle: Modern Master

I have included information about the architect, Al Beadle, in other articles. He has the distinction of not only an Internationalist style, but also the designer of the only Case Study structure outside the State of California, this being the Case Study Apartments #1, also known as Triad. Beadle is very familiar to me, in […]

Entrance to General Electric Showcase House.

General Electric Showcase House

Some of us may have heard of Ronald Reagan. He was not only President of the United States, but also before a downgrade in working positions, he did some acting in Hollywood and also as a spokesperson for some commercial interests. One of those spokesperson jobs included General Electric. In fact, Reagan hosted General Electric […]

Minimalist Interior

Minimalism Revisited

This article is largely a response regarding another article that I produced, mostly as an amusement. The original article was an example of minimalism in itself. Perhaps an apology to the readers might be appropriate, but I have refrained from doing so simply because of my self-indulgent attitude toward humor whether anyone else sees any […]

Seattle's Century 21 Exposition.

The Century 21 Exposition

The Seattle Century 21 Exposition held a unique position among the World Fairs in that the exposition actually drew a profit. Perhaps this encouraged those in New York which held its own exposition just two years later.  Although the one in New York left considerable influence on the ideas of modernism in America, the Seattle […]

General Motors Building, New York City.

Edward Durell Stone: From Inside Out

Edward Durell Stone, best known as the architect of Radio City Music Hall and the iconic John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, does not get a lot of mention these days, even though his structures had tremendous influence on architecture in the United States, and though many in the arts community might be […]

Jean Prouvé Petrol Station

Jean Prouve

Born in Paris to a creative family and imbued with the spirit of design, Jean Prouvé could only have become the prolific designer and architect. His father, Victor Prouvé,  was an artist and his mother, Marie Duhamel, a pianist. His father and mother were abundantly involved in an artistic circle which heavily influenced Jean. Jean […]

Kontiki Hotel

Ralph Haver

[1]Ralph Haver designed homes as an architect in Phoenix, Arizona during the mid 40s to the 80s of the previous century. He built American style, mid-century modern tract houses affordable to the average budget. The number of buildings constructed by Haver is amazing and certainly dwarfs the production of Eichler in California. Over 20,000 dwellings were […]

Quonset Hut: A Modern Dwelling

I remember as a child traveling in the car with my parents in the direction of what are called the Foothills in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma, situated on the Colorado River on the border with California and a stone’s throw from Mexico,  was only around 14,000 people at the time and surrounded by a true desert […]

Philip Johnson's the Wiley House

The Wiley House: A Philip Johnson Masterpiece

It is a shame that the architect can not emulate Monet and build one building after another in experimentation and variation. The Wiley House leads to one creative idea after another, and not just in the form of the house, but also in the use and types of materials. The fact that the design follows […]

Mid Century A-Frame.

A-frame: Very Groovy!

When thinking of the mid-century, one rarely thinks of the A-frame. Yet the A-frame was a familiar notion at the time, mainly as a mountain getaway. Indeed, even to this day, the A-frame’s association with the woods and mountain cabins, strikes people as unusual when seen in other environments. Nevertheless, the A-frame has certain advantages […]

Chicago’s Marina City

Bertrand Goldberg, the architect of Marina City, actually worked briefly for Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at the Bauhaus. After returning from Europe, Goldberg worked in the offices of the modernist firms of Keck and Keck, Paul Schweikher, and Howard Fisher, finally opening his own office in 1937. Before and after World II, he mainly […]

Dymaxion House by Buckminster Fuller 1933

Domes: The Geodesic Kind

When we look back on the artistic accomplishments of the mid 20th century, many times we neglect the significance of the geodesic dome. Not only was this design original, but it served as a symbol of the modern impulse of glorifying technology and science and refined the image of modern humanity as the accumulation of […]

Frey House by William Krisel

So cool, Portland to Palm Springs: Modernism Week, midcentury home tours and more (photos) |

William Krisel via So cool, Portland to Palm Springs: Modernism Week, midcentury home tours and more (photos) | This is an article in OregonLive about Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, it closes tomorrow. However, this occurs every February and is a nice respite from the harsh winters elsewhere. Much like here in Phoenix, […]