Mid Century A-Frame.

A-frame: Very Groovy!

When thinking of the mid-century, one rarely thinks of the A-frame. Yet the A-frame was a familiar notion at the time, mainly as a mountain getaway. Indeed, even to this day, the A-frame’s association with the woods and mountain cabins, strikes people as unusual when seen in other environments. Nevertheless, the A-frame has certain advantages […]

Juliana Arm Chair by Hans Wegner.

Chairs: A Designers Joy!

Chairs From a Personal View The love affair of modernist designers with the chair provides an abundance of choices to admire. Howard Bosler A WARNING The following article makes no attempt at an objective look at the chair design by modernists. This is simply a list of some chairs that I admire. I will attempt […]

Chicago’s Marina City

Bertrand Goldberg, the architect of Marina City, actually worked briefly for Ludwig Mies van der Rohe at the Bauhaus. After returning from Europe, Goldberg worked in the offices of the modernist firms of Keck and Keck, Paul Schweikher, and Howard Fisher, finally opening his own office in 1937. Before and after World II, he mainly […]