Entrance to General Electric Showcase House.

General Electric Showcase House

Some of us may have heard of Ronald Reagan. He was not only President of the United States, but also before a downgrade in working positions, he did some acting in Hollywood and also as a spokesperson for some commercial interests. One of those spokesperson jobs included General Electric. In fact, Reagan hosted General Electric […]

Minimalist Interior

Minimalism Revisited

This article is largely a response regarding another article that I produced, mostly as an amusement. The original article was an example of minimalism in itself. Perhaps an apology to the readers might be appropriate, but I have refrained from doing so simply because of my self-indulgent attitude toward humor whether anyone else sees any […]

Seattle's Century 21 Exposition.

The Century 21 Exposition

The Seattle Century 21 Exposition held a unique position among the World Fairs in that the exposition actually drew a profit. Perhaps this encouraged those in New York which held its own exposition just two years later.  Although the one in New York left considerable influence on the ideas of modernism in America, the Seattle […]