Side Table.

A Mid-Century Modern DIY Project

I love designing furniture and have created many pieces in my house. I have a bar table that is a little worse for wear and devoid of storage possibilities.     Instead, I have taken the challenge to create, using simple materials and techniques, a sophisticated sideboard in mid-century modern style. In doing so, sharing […]

The Binotto House.

The Binotto or Circular House

Since an article just appeared in MCM Groovy covering the Aluminaire House, which is a modernist prefab house meant to be assembled from manufactured parts, the Circular House of Serge Binotto comes readily to mind. Serge Binotto was an assistant to the French designer, Jean Prouve, who, if one is familiar with mid century modern […]

Visiting the Aluminaire House

Early on in my post secondary education I studied architecture. The notion that one can, in artistic fulfillment, create a work that not only others see, but also encapsulates them usefully for work, endeavors or domestic desires, brings a different sort of satisfaction over the embellishments that painting or other two-dimensional productions provide. In my […]

The Anderson House by Al Beadle.

Al Beadle: Modern Master

I have included information about the architect, Al Beadle, in other articles. He has the distinction of not only an Internationalist style, but also the designer of the only Case Study structure outside the State of California, this being the Case Study Apartments #1, also known as Triad. Beadle is very familiar to me, in […]